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It is time for celebration!  And yes, I bring the Timu range of MoYa and Colours of Grace (formerly known as the Magdalene range from Colours of Grace) to you with this big special.   South Africa: FREE delivery Outside South Africa: $10USD discount All you have to do is to place your order with […]


At the beginning of 2017, I mentioned that this year is going to be a VERY excited year. New yarns, new colours, new designs, new ideas. Here is the next exciting news and release of the Swirls. The SWIRLS range is made of MoYa DK. There are 11 SWIRL packs to choose from. Each pack […]


I offer you the following 2 options on the VINTAGE throw kit: Option 1: The MODERN Vintage $86 (Excl postage) 10 x 50g MoYa DK cotton (5 colours) 18 x 50g Hush Bamboo Plus Free Vintage pattern Plus 9 x small balls of MoYa (appr. 180g) Plus $8 gift voucher for your next order Option […]


It is going to be a VERY exciting 2017 for me and I cannot wait to share all the projects, new MoYa yarn and colours with you. I plan to introduce the new MoYa yarns and colours with the upcoming projects. UPCOMING PROJECTS KING CAL currently in progress Vintage CAL starts 17 January PRINCE CAL […]


It is that time of the year again.  Unbelievable how 2016 is nearly gone.  It was a very exciting year with the Royal family throws. To celebrate 2016 and the Royal Family throws, Mandala Queen offers you a Christmas Special. To participate in this offer you have to: Purchase a minimum of 12 x 50g […]

KING Mandala

Starting date: 22 November 2016 Ending date: 7 February 2017.It is time to place your order for the KING kit to receive it in time for the starting date.  The King Mandala throw will work the same as any other CAL except that you have two options to participate in the worldwide crochet journey: Option […]


GOOD NEWS!!! It was decided to reward you as an online shopper for your loyalty to Mandala Queen purchases.  Please read through so you understand 100% how it works.  The loyalty programme is for you to use and I hope you will enjoy it. The Mandala Rewards points have no cash value and are not […]


I receive numerous inquiries for the Ilona Heritage Hooks. Now, if you do have arthritis and crochet as much as I do (6-8 hours daily) the Ilona hook is absolutely a MUST have. And if you do not have a hand problem, avoid it with an investment. The Ilona Heritage hooks are handmade using Rosewood. […]


Love is in the air, everywhere you look around…..But actually it is SPRING is in the air, everywhere you look around in South Africa. To celebrate spring, I bring a worldwide discount offer to you for the next 48 hours. 10% discount on ALL products in my online shop. Yes ALL products and that even […]


GOOD NEWS!!! A new South African 100% cotton is now on the shelves.  Exciting times!!!  There are even more to come!!!  Colours of Grace (CoG) compliments MoYa cotton DK although from a different supplier.  The colours of CoGis is much more solid than MoYa DK.  It has exactly the same twist, weight and you can […]