Hi there
In the beginning of 2017 I promised that this year is going to be an amazing and VERY exciting year.
MoYa launches a new yarn, LUXE, on 1 May and I am so privilege to work with it before then. The LUXE is a mix of 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. And what a pleasure to work with!!!! It uses a 3.5 – 4mm hook size which means it is a 4-ply weight. It will be available as 50g balls and has 100meters on it. Unfortunately I do not have a price yet.
To celebrate this new yarn, I designed 2 cushion covers. I bring a discount of 5% to you, and this is ONLY for YOU. If you purchase this kit, which will be available on 1 May 2017, please use the coupon code: *LUXE* to qualify.
I hope you will enjoy the new yarn as this is a very special yarn and has a luxurious feeling and touch to it. You will LOVE it!!!!
Mandala regards Annamarie

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