It is that time of the year again.  Unbelievable how 2016 is nearly gone.  It was a very exciting year with the Royal family throws.

To celebrate 2016 and the Royal Family throws, Mandala Queen offers you a Christmas Special.

To participate in this offer you have to:

  1. Purchase a minimum of 12 x 50g Moya yarn
  2. Crochet your favorite motif/s and take photo of it (1 motif per photo)
  3. Join the Facebook group,  Crochet/Hekel Mandala CAL 2016,  and post the motif with your order nr in the comments of where you see the photo posted here in this writing
  4. You can enter so many motifs as you wish
  5. The motif with the most “likes” by 31 December 2016 at midnight, will be contacted on 1 January 2017 to receive a refund for 12 x 50g MoYa DK

So, do not wait to place your order.  Do it now and participate in this exciting Christmas Special.


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