Good morning from a sunny but a bit of chilly South Africa.  The winter is in the door and I see forward to it.  I love the winter as my whole body and brain operates much better.  I am also much more active and productive,

I inform you of the June 2017 month club project.  It is always a nice project every month.  MoYa does the designs and also the packing of the kits.
This coming June kit is the EKWINDLA men’s scarf.  You have a choice of 4 colour combos but as always feel free to make up your own colours out of the MoYa Caresse range by leaving a note with your order.  You receive 6 x MoYa Caresse including the printed pattern.  So please feel free to place your order immediately.
Have a nice day and a blessed week.
Mandala regards

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