Welcome to the Princess Mandala Page.

This pattern is still in progress,pattern “weeks” are release on average every 2 weeks.
Join & follow my facebook group and share your progress & feedback on the Princess Mandala Pattern.When a pattern is released please download from google drive below for FREE or visit the facebook group downloads folders.Make sure that you download the free pattern releases and save! it.When the pattern is completed a time frame will be provided in order for you to make sure you have all the patterns then I will compile the patterns and filter out any problems and put it up for purchase.

Thank you for your support!

Free Download Below :Available in English, Deutsch ,Nederlands ,Swedish ,Danish ,Spanish

Popular kits that’s used for the Princess Mandala listed below:

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FB Description

The Mandala CAL 2016 will be inspiration for each of you and where you learn new techniques and stitches.

Please read the following information and then ask questions if not answered. More on Facebook


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  2. I’m trying to find the second circle from the Princess, but am unable to log in and it’s not posted on facebook. Can you tell me how I can get it.

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